Cutting Edge Powder Coating is currently only accepting new projects for Commercial Contracts.

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  • Family-owned and veteran-run, Cutting Edge Powder Coating has become a leading name in Houston, Texas for powder coating needs. We use modern practices that protect your metals with an attractive appearance. Our main coating services work for all industries including Automotive, Architectural, Construction and Industrial. Consider powder coating for your equipment and machinery.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is our top service for clients in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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Architectural / Commercial / Construction

Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting is your solution to Architectural, Commercial and Construction coating in Houston, Texas.

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General Metals

All types of metals benefit from Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting. Ask about coating even for General Metals.

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Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting extends our coating services to the Residential areas of Houston, Texas.

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Media Blasting

Media/Sandblasting that cleans your metals of previous rust or corrosive materials.

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Pipe Coating

Pipe Coating for gas, oil and water transmission in Houston, Texas.

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Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting is your choice for powder coating on all Industrial and pipe coating projects.

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A high level of quality control in compliance with Powder Coating safety and customer satisfaction in Houston, Texas

Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting believes in protecting and finishing metals so they outlast the test of time. We make your life easier by providing you with the right materials to get the job done every time. Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting is focused on serving all industries with our powder coating, metal finishing and media blasting work.

John Nguyennone

Price was great and the work was far better! David helped me with any concerns and questions i needed as well. Really loved the quality of the work at cuttingedge. will definitely be my go to guys for wheel needs from now on!

Ed McIntoshnone

Mike and his able helper took my curb damaged 2014 Hyundai Equus front wheels and literally made them look like new again in just a couple of days. I just can't say enough good things about this company and Mike, like me is a US Navy "Airdale" veteran and we had the best time talking about the experience we both share. They are busy at a new location on Brittmore putting in powder coating booths which will make them the place to take a damaged wheel or change colors on existing ones. GOOD JOB ALL !!!

Terrell RogersDesignation

Great experience getting 4 of 5 custom 22 inch Fuel Wheels repaired and repainted. The cost and time estimated was accurate. I am pleased and will be a return customer. They do an excellent job!

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About Us

Cutting Edge Powder Coating & Media Blasting is an independent business in Houston, Texas, that specializes in powder coating solutions. We offer powder coating, metal finishing and media blasting to all industries in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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Frequently Ask questions

Powder coating is a top layer added to many metals to make the material durable and improve the overall function. Powder coating increases productivity and gives metals an eye-appealing finish.

Media blasting, also known as sandblasting or abrasive blasting, is a process used to expose metals and other materials down to their bare surface. Media blasting is often used before applying a powder or liquid coat.


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We provide innovative powder coating solutions for maximum progress. Our powder coating increases productivity for the longevity of your metals.

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    Cutting Edge Powder Coating is currently only accepting new projects for Commercial Contracts.