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Powder Coating

General Metals with Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting

One of the many benefits of powder coating and metal finishing is that these services apply to all industries in Houston, Texas. No matter the task or purpose of your metals, there is some form of powder coating, liquid coating, media blasting and metal finishing available. Cutting Edge Powder Coating serves markets such as Industrial and Construction, but our coatings apply to General Metals as well. Since powder coating protects metals, adds resistance and improves appearance, Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting accepts General Metal powder coating projects. Customize your metals with any of our powder coating services in Houston, Texas.

Powder Coating

Fresh Metal Powder Coating

If you think your metal tools, machinery or equipment can benefit from powder coating services, most likely they can. Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting allows our clients to take part in the design and plan for their General Metals and powder coating finishes. For the final color, shade and finish of your metal, work with one of our technicians for the best outcome and durability. Some forms of liquid coating and powder work better, depending on the purpose of the metal and the environment. Houston, Texas is a large city full of many industries. As new markets introduce themselves and gain popularity, Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting is here to preserve all metals.

Powder Coating

Accepting New Powder Coating Projects

If your¬†metals need a powder coat, liquid coat or metal finish, contact Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting. Our services are available to Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. We welcome new project ideas and details for any industry. Even for metals or machinery that belong in a market of their own, we are here to help. Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting coats all types of metals such as…

  • Bicycle Frames/Wheels
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Desk Accessories
  • Fans
  • Gasoline Pumps
  • Golf Carts and Clubs
  • Metal Toys and Wagons
  • Playground Equipment
  • Toolboxes
  • Wheelchairs