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Powder Coating

Residential Service from Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting

Powder coating applies to every industry and market, including Residential service. Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting handles large projects as well as household requests. No project is too small for our powder coating, liquid coating, welding, fabrication, metal finishing and other services. Whether you are in a home or apartment near Houston, Texas, one of our technicians from Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting will service your property. Homeowners who maintain the outdoor and indoor appearance of their property have a higher resale value when they choose to move or sell their homes. There are also standard homeowner guidelines for neighborhoods and communities in Houston, Texas. Homeowners have requirements to upkeep certain parts of the house exterior with powder coating or media blasting.

Powder Coating

Professional Finishing for Residents

There are practices you can use at home to keep the interior and exterior of your house clear of wear and tear. However when you have Residential powder coating, liquid coating, metal finishing and media blasting, your household tasks are much easier and long lasting. Regular nicks and dings are unavoiable for the busiest homes. Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting knows the most common areas of your home that suffer from these damages. Powder coating and metal finishing save your residence. Our services cover preexisting scratches or marks that are deeper within surfaces like they were never there to begin with. Powder coating is an art and specialty when Cutting Edge Powder Coating and Media Blasting starts any Residential project.

Powder Coating

Coating and Finishing

Residential powder coating services include exterior portions of your property and household appliances as well. You can easily drop off your metals to our Houston, Texas location. Our team will notify you when your project is done and ready to be picked up. Our Residential coatings and finishings apply to various materials like…

  •  Bathroom Fixtures’
  •  Barbecue Grills
  •  Chainsaws
  •  Curtain Walls
  •  Downspouts
  •  Garden Tools
  •  Lawn Mowers
  •  Mailboxes
  •  Metal Gutters
  •  Ornamental Fencing
  •  Patio Furniture
  •  Shutters and Louvers
  •  Wheelbarrows